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The Framework for your next project

Build it easily with T Slot extruded Aluminium Profiles and…
aluminium profile workbenches

Workbenches and workstations for every application.

 We design and manufacture custom made workbenches…
easy camper

Now this is living

  This is how you experience the great Australian outback on…
Composite aluminium panels in T Slot extrusion frame

Using aluminium composite panels in T slot builds.

When you are building with T Slot extrusions, aluminium…
Custom made workbench T slot Aluminium Extrusions and accessories

Custom Made Workbenches and Workstations supplied by GAP Engineering.

Contact us to find out more. A suitable working environment…
Axelent safety logo

Machinery Guards and Safety fencing.

Gates and safety fencing GAP Engineering supplies and installs…
Aluminium T slot profile extrusion

How to create a strong join in aluminium t-slot extrusion

We understand that you need to save time and money.  So…
equipment for movie industry

Aluminium T-Slot Extrusions for the Film Industry.

T-Slot Aluminium extrusions can be used to make a diverse range…

Get your electricians better organised this year

Electrical wiring  in a factory environment can be extremely…
Aluminium T Slot extrusion Profile Framework

T-Slot Aluminium extrusions and components for your next project

Are you looking for a better way to build just about anything…
Blog - aluminium extrusion

Do you know what Aluminium T-Slot extruded profiles and accessories can be used for ?

Actually that question is probably a bit harder to answer than…
Blog - aluminium extrusion

How to keep up with the pace of change in the modern industrial environment.

You are probably aware that we are in the middle of the fourth…
Blog - aluminium extrusion

How to get the most out of your profile.

When you are spending your time and money on a project you need…
Blog - aluminium extrusion

Safety around machinery

When it comes to work place health and safety, there are no compromises…
T Slot Aluminium conveyor system

Conveyor systems

T-Slot Aluminium Profile Conveyor Systems  When you require…
Happy engineer with thumbs up

Reduce your manufacturing time dramatically!

Save time making everything from work benches to clean-rooms…
GAP Engineering T Slot Aluminium Profiles and accessories

The versatile solutions you need

Our range of extruded aluminium t-slot profiles and accessories…
Blog - aluminium extrusion

Substation 33

We have recently had the pleasure of being involved with an…
Blog - aluminium extrusion

40 x 40 T slot Aluminium profile.

The 40 x 40 profile is our most popular extrusion size. 40…
Blog - aluminium extrusion
Clamping plate (8mm slot)

Why are t-slot aluminium extruded profiles so popular?

T-Slot aluminium extruded profiles are popular for a variety…
Profilium machine guards

Do you need a steel or an aluminium framing system?

Machine frames are a vital part of many engineering applications. …
Flowers and herbs in a vertical garden

Go green this summer with a vertical garden

Grow your own fresh herbs, create a privacy screen and hide an…
20 x 20 T-slot extruded Aluminium Profile

20 Series extruded Aluminium T-slot profile

  20 x 20 and 20 x 40 T-slot Aluminium Profile    The…
Sliding clamp

T-Slot extruded aluminium profile joints – sliding clamp

Profile Joints – Part 6 Sliding clamp In this, our sixth in…
Pawl clamp

T-Slot extruded aluminium profile joints – pawl clamp

Profile Joints – Part 5 Pawl clamp In this post the focus…
Aluminium T slot extruded profile joiners

T-Slot extruded aluminium profile joints – Cube joint

Cube Joint In this post we focus on the cube joint or the 3-way…
T slot profile Angular joint

T-Slot extruded aluminium profile joints – angular joint

Profile Joints - Part 4 Angular joint In this post we focus…
Large Display Booth Side View
Front view Portable Saw Bench with Saw
Aluminium Profile Linear joint - 180mm

T-Slot extruded aluminium profile joints – Linear joints

Profile Joints - Part 3 Linear joint. This is the third in…
Screw swivel joint brace

T-Slot extruded aluminium profile joints – Stronger connection

Profile Joints - Part 2 Working with Alusic t-slot aluminium…
Standard Aluminium T slot extrusion join

T-Slot extruded aluminium profile joints - Standard connection

Standard Connection The standard connection is the simplest and…
Aluminium profile Clamping Plate

What are fixing plates?

While the standard connection for t-slot extrusions is the most…
Aluminium Profile conveyor
Aluminium profile brace with 45 degree connectors

Using Aluminium T-Slot Extrusions and accessories in machine guards

Machine guarding is vital to the safety of workers who operate…
Blog - aluminium extrusion

What are the benefits of a modular aluminium framing system?

From the simple to the most complex of modular frame designs,…
Integrated production system

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