Build your own Portable Saw Bench

Portable Saw Bench with Saw attached

Saw Bench Features T-Slot aluminium extrusions making it a robust and stable platform for all your cutting needs


Design allows for a sturdy saw area which by adjusting and tightening screws can be modified to fit many saws


Potential for adding 2 meter Extension Arms to increase the working surface


4 Fold-able legs which can be tucked up underneath the frame for storage and transport. Each leg is ended on a articulated damping leg which can be adjusted to ensure a level and stable bench for cutting

A New Portable Saw Bench is available for ordering at Gap Engineering, the design is both sturdy and adjustable while also folding up for easy storage and transport. The saws structure is built out of Aluminium T-slot profiles allowing for incredible strength and durability in all manner of working conditions.

The saw bench guiding surface is 1600mm in length with the height an adjustable 950mm above the ground. Your saw will be placed within the central area where there is 700mm of space to fit your saw. By manipulating the clamping angles position on the profiles you can adjust the saws height to ensure its level with the guiding surface to ensure easy and level cutting surface.

Storage and transport are simple since the drop saw bench can have its legs quickly folded up and put under the frame. This allows for compact transport in a trailer or ute.


Twin Extension arms for the Portable Saw bench allows for the cutting of longer members and are easily attached onto the main frame. Each Extension arm will increase the working length by 2 meters allowing for a total of 5.6 meters of working length with them attached. The extra length is useful for long members since it supports them fully along the length and allows for a slideable stop to be placed along the length to ensure equal cuts.

These Extensions are attached using preexisting clamping plates located on the main frame and can be secured and leveled by simply tightening 2 bolts. An adjustable leg is located at the end of the extension arm which, along with articulated damping foot, can be slid to provide level and stable support to the Extension Arm.

If you need modifications or just have a good idea then the T-slot profile makes it easy to design and create add-on to the original saw bench. Just one or two bolts can fix other profiles or accessories onto the frame.

Extension For Portable Saw Bench

Open Sourced Designs

This Portable Saw Bench is part of a new initiative from GAP Engineering. The design and cultist for this drop saw will be available by request for Hobbyist or builders should they wish to modify or adjust the plans. Also you can make requests for the CAD parts and profile files we keep here at GAP Engineering to uses for your own projects and ideas. We are hoping that those designers can share their builds and designs here for others to look at or order if desired.

The saw bench as well as other simple builds such as pool side equipment storage, tables and other basic frames will be added to the site as time goes on so that if you see what you like you can order the parts to build it yourself, we can also make easy adjustments to the dimensions to suit your needs.

T slot cross section
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Inquire for your very own Portable saw bench that is both reliable and tough. This Saw bench is made from 8 mm slot and is compatible with all the other Profilium parts and accessories in the 8 mm slot range.

If you require any parts or modification don’t hesitate to ask.

Go to our website   GAP Engineering   for more information and resources.

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  • This Saw bench is made from 8 mm T-slot extruded aluminium and is compatible with all the other Profilium parts and accessories in the 8 mm slot range.
  • Price: $ 770.00 Quantity:
    This simple Package includes one of the Drop Saw tables with a two Extension Arms. This allows a working surface of 5.6 meters with the flexibility of adding an end stop to the length of the extension. The full kit saves you 10% of the individual purchase prices on the parts saving you over $100 on the price.
  • Price: $ 560.00 Quantity:
    This Simple drop saw with be both robust and simple to use in any working conditions. Product will be simple to assemble with just a single Allen key while being able to install and fit a majority of mitre saws available. The T-slot aluminium frame will be strong and stable and with the added damping articulated feet will ensure smooth cutting.
  • Price: $ 159.00 Quantity:
    Single Extension Arm These extension arms add length to the working surface of the saw. With the arm being made out of the same profile as the main table it is easy to attach and strongly secure to the portable drop saw.
  • If you require a quote for delivery please complete the delivery address details here