How to make a standard connection with Alusic T Slot Extruded Aluminium Profile

a demonstration of how to join T Slot Aluminium extrusions

T Slot aluminium conveyor system

conveyor system T Slot Aluminium

Conveyor system constructed with Alusic T Slot extruded Aluminium Profiles available from GAP Engineering Queensland

Profilium T Slot aluminium profiles and accessories

Alusic T slot Aluminium profiles and parts

image of some of the parts and accessories as well as extrude T slot profiles available in stock at GAP Engineering Queensland


30x30 T Slot Aluminium Profile

drawing of Alusic T Slot aluminium extruded profile size 30 x 30 Supplied by GAP Engineering Queensland

T Slot Aluminium trolley

aluminium extrusion trolley

A trolley manufactured with Alusic T Slot Aluminium extrusions and accessories

T Slot extrusion linear system

Aluminium extrusion linear system

Linear drive for camera mounts with t Slot aluminium extrusions and accessories

T Slot accessories

Articulated joint Alusic T Slot Aluminium Profile

range of articulated adjustable joints for Alusic t slot extruded aluminium profiles