Alusic T Slot Aluminium Extrusion profile

How to create a strong join in Aluminium T slot extrusion

Because we know that you need to save time and money we would like to show you the most cost effective way to connect Aluminium T slot.

This is the standard connection for  Alusic Aluminium profile.

In less than one minute you can create a strong join costing less than $0.50 .You don’t need any sophisticated machinery such as milling machines and you can do this easily on site.

In this example we have used two lengths of 40 x 40 extrusion with an 8 mm slot  so the parts required are 1 Alusic cap screw M8 x 16 Part number 084 301 002 costing $6 for 25 and 1 square washer part number 084 303 001 costing $4.50 for 25


First the drilling guide is attached to the selected profile

T slot Aluminium extrusion join 1



A pilot hole is drilled according to the pre-determined holes on the drilling guide.

T slot Aluminium extrusion join 2



Next the adjoining profile is tapped to M 8.

T slot Aluminium extrusion drill and tap












The Alusic connector is screwed into the tapped hole and slid into the slot of the adjoining profile.

Aluminium profile joint parts


A 5 mm Allen key is inserted through the pilot hole and tightened.

T slot Aluminium extrusion profile system

When working with Aluminium profile extrusions ensure that you use a good quality saw so that your cuts are accurate and square.Use a cutting lubricant fluid or gel to make sure that your tap does not become seized.


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