Custom Designed Exhibit Displays

Large Display Booth Isometric angle

Custom Design to suit your Booth type


Designed and Fitted Counters as requred


Modular design to fit any booth size

Professionally design Exhibit Displays can be made to order at Gap Engineering. Should you need a Display Booth for an exhibition or trade show Gap Engineering can design and ship to you a completed exhibit display ready for your event. The Display frames will be made out of Aluminum T-Slot Profiles which allows for fully modular displays which can be adjusted larger or smaller. A 3 by 3m Linear Booth can be set up and taken down in under 3 hours work. The aluminum frame give you ease in transport as well as strength and rigidity.

No matter the type of exhibit booth you require Gap engineering can provide, from large island booth beyond 6m to smaller 12m display stands. Since the frames are made out of T-slot profiles you have plenty of options to provide power and lighting to your displays. Cables can be run and hidden within the profiles from the source directly to lights or LED monitors set up within your display. It can even be used to hide computer and network cables should you exhibit require them.

Your Display will only be limited by your imagination with a full range of components and counters which can be added. Most orders will be ready within 2 weeks but if all you require is a frame then it can be cut and prepared for assembly within a single day. All Frames will be design with transport and shipping in mind. If required we can provide a flight case for the display to store parts ready to fly. If you need adjust or change a display the T-slot profile give you the modular flexibility to be altered where required.  

Simple Exhibition Display Stand

T slot cross section
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Exhibit Displays are made from 8 mm slot and are compatible with all the other Profilium parts and accessories in the 8 mm slot range.

If you require any parts or modification don’t hesitate to ask.

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