Get your electricians better organised this year

Electrical wiring  in a factory environment can be extremely complicated especially if you are not properly organised. 

Firstly you need to have a whole lot of different rolls of wire on hand and then there are all the different components . That’s before you have even started to read the schematics and get your tools organised.

Because the most expensive component of a job is often the labour you can increase your profits by organising your staff properly so that they can be at their most productive. 

You can increase your productivity as well as the quality of your work by creating your own custom built workstation. 

Get your electricians better organised this year - aluminium extrusion

Choose the setup that works best for you. 

We can build a workstation for you according to any configuration you need.

Workstation with Aluminium extrusion T slot profiles

Aluminium profile workstations T Slot
Profulium Aluminium profile workbenches
Aluminium extrusion workbench

You can choose from the following options. 

  • Fully locking and braking trolley wheels.
  • Drawers.
  • Shelves.
  • Cable reel holders. 
  • Touch pad mounting bracket.
  • Scanner mounting bracket.
  • Tool organiser/peg board.
  • Anti static work surface.
  • soldering iron holder.
  • Steel headboard/whiteboard for use with magnets to hold drawings and other paperwork. 
  • Parts bins and racks.
  • Overhead lighting.
  • Overhead lifting rail.

Aluminium Extrusion workstation

Select your accessories

Make life a whole lot simpler for your electricians by organising their work-space properly properly with the right accessories. 

T Slot Aluminium Extrusions and accessories
GAP Engineering T Slot Aluminium Extrusions and accessories

Please give as a call and we will help you to find the best solution.