Profilium Linear Drive System

Reliable and Easy to set up Linear Slide Systems

The Alusic system of motorized linear guides is based on standard components.Thanks to this useful feature we are able to achieve a wide range of linear drive systems. 

The structural part of the linear guides can be achieved with extruded aluminium profiles with the following dimensions 45 x 90 , 90 x 90 , 18 x 45 or 18 x 90.

A special aluminium profile  fits directly into the 8 mm slot and holds a hardened steel chrome plated rod in position.Two of these rods are arranged on opposite sides of the profile to create a  high quality linear bearing that is cost effective and easy to assemble.

Close Up Image of Linear Guide connection to T slot profile

Linear Drive System

A belt driven system fits directly onto the standard profiles and a range of standard sliding trolleys are available.  

Using our load chart you can easily calculate which assembly would be  the most suitable for your application

Linear Carriages Load Chart

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Alusic Carriages Free Body Diagram

Profilium Linear Drive System - aluminium extrusion

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