Substation 33

We have recently had the pleasure to be involved with an organisation called Subsation33.

These people are creating real world solutions by turning garbage into useful products while providing support  for members of the community who are trying to find sustainable employment.This is achieved by providing training and employment opportunities via the recycling of electronic waste

 Substation33 is a Youth and Family Services social enterprise based in the Brisbane suburb of Kingston.



Substation 33 - aluminium extrusion

They  operate  an innovation lab that has developed several products

such as these Flooded road warning signs     Which actively monitor water levels and provide  feed back to the relevant organisations. Made almost entirely from pre- loved electronic components.




Substation 33 - aluminium extrusion Or these Electric bikes which use reclaimed batteries from old lap top computers and 3D printed components .This system can be used to convert any bike into an E-bike for a fraction of the cost of a conventional one




Substation 33 - aluminium extrusion



Or these 3D printers made from old paper printer stepper motors


which are used for educational and training purposes







Substation 33 - aluminium extrusion

Or even these mobile phone charging stations 

Substation33’s team of innovative developers have committed to developing a locker-style charging station for supply to homelessness hubs. The stations allow multiple users to leave their phone to charge while they undertake other activities such as see a support worker, have a health check or do their laundry.







Substation 33 - aluminium extrusion