6 mm Slot Aluminium profile specifications

Technical Specifications of T-Slot Aluminium Profile

Extruded Aluminium T slot  profiles

Our extruded T slot Aluminium profiles generally come in one of the 3 standard slots as shown below. Please contact us if you need more information

6 mm Slot – 30 & 60 Series

Aluminium profile extrusion with 6 mm Tslot

6 mm T slot Aluminium Profile

8 mm Slot – 40 & 80 Series


 Aluminium profile extrusion with 8 mm T Slot

8 mm T slot Aluminium profile

8 mm Slot – 45 & 90 Series

Aluminium Profile Extrusion with 8 mm T Slot

8 mm T Slot Aluminium Profile

Technical Data for Alusic Aluminium Profile

All extruded aluminium profiles are manufactured by Alusic SRL (Italy) using a primary aluminium alloy EN AW-6060 (AlMgSi  0.5) – EN AW6063 (AlMgSi1). The metalurgic composition of aluminium profile bars is T6 (solution heat treated and artificially aged). The dimensional tolerances for aluminium profile extrusion are in compliance with the requirements for precision extrusion EB12020-1.

Chemical composition of alloys:

 Alloy  Cu  Fe  Mn  Mg  Si  Zn  Cr  Ti  Al
 6060  0.10  0.1 – 0.3  0.10  0.35 – 0.6  0.3 – 0.6  0.15  0.05  0.10  Rest.
 6063  0.10  0.35  0.10  0.45 – 0.9  0.2 – 0.6  0.10  0.10  0.10  Rest

The mechanical characteristics obtained after heat treatment at which they are submitted are:

 Alloy  Maximum Stress
(N / mm2)
  Yield Stress
(N / mm2)
 6060 215 160  12 70
 6063 245  200  9 80

Characteristics for the design of aluminium structures:

Young modulus 69000 N/ mm2
Electric resistivity 0.033 Ω mm2/ m
Thermal conductivity 210 W/ mK
Casting temperature 615 – 655 oC
Coefficient of thermal expansion 25 x 10 -6 K-1

In addition to a guarantee of high quality and dependability of the aluminium profiles and accessories for solar installations, ALUSIC is certified to a quality system UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 that provides confirmation of its continuous quality control of raw materials and processed materials and that demonstrates continuous improvement  of its products.

Further information, including R&D advice can be obtained in collaboration with Profilium and Alusic’s technical and commercial departments. Please CONTACT US for more information.

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