T slot extrusion machine guards

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Machine FramesT-Slot extrusion machine guards

Profilium extruded aluminium t-slot profiles are an ideal material to create a frame to support and house machinery of all types. 

With options such as “closed face” profiles or multi-slot profiles, you can pick the right style and size of profile.  Whether that be to suit the aesthetic or the strength (or both) requirements for your machinery. 

Closed face profiles will give your finished product a smooth, clean look.  They are ideal if your machinery is used in a clean room or other environment where a smooth, clean surface is required. 

The “open”, or multi-slot, profiles are ideal for mounting ancillary equipment such as cameras, lights, scanners, and sensors.  Due to the size compatibility of each profile series, it is easy to use both profile types on the one machine frame.

Custom Design and Manufacture

We use Profilium extruded t-slot aluminium profiles to manufacture all kinds of machine frames.  The system is highly versatile and can be 100% customised to suit your machinery.  No matter how simple or complex the structure, the inherent versatility of Profilium t-slot profiles allow us to customise an exact solution for your machine.

We can engineer a machine frame to suit your requirements using our 3D CAD software.  Alternatively, you can provide us with your design that we can build to suit your plan.

3D printer from t-slot extrusion

Examples of t-slot profile machine frames:

    • Robotics (gripper heads, supports, pick and place applications)
    • Industrial Labelers
    • Vision Systems
    • 3D Printers
    • CNC Machines
    • AV Frames
    • Vending  Machines
    • TV Walls
    • Signage
    • Bagging Machines
    • Sorting Machines
    • Coin Counters
    • 3D Camera Systems
    • Scanners
    • Industrial Automation
    • Special Purpose Vehicle frames

Safety fence from t-slot extrusion

The only limitation is your imagination!

The Profilium t-slot profile is both light weight and strong.  Unlike steel, it doesn’t need welding so is not susceptible to distortion during construction or at installation.  As a result hot work permits and similar workplace health and safety paperwork is not needed should site modifications be necessary.

As mentioned earlier, the Profilium t-slot system so highly versatile that modifications can be as you go.  Perfect for prototyping or where highly customised solutions must be put in place.

OEM Customers

For our Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) customers, we can design a frame to suit your application.  Similarly, we can take your existing design and build an extruded aluminium frame for you.

Frames can be supplied fully built, ready for installation, or “flat packed” for easy transport.  For large volume orders, by arrangement, we can offer staged delivery or deliver the entire consignment in a single dispatch.

Need to speed up your design process?  We can share our CAD files with you to make designing your machine frame that much easier.  Simply sign our Non-Disclosure Agreement so we can protect Alusic’s IP.  Find out more HERE.

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Framework from t-slot extrusion to mount accessoriesFramework from t-slot extrusion to mount accessoriesFramework with accessories to mount conveyor pulley