30 series T Slot Aluminium Profile

V-Slot Aluminium Profile from Alusic

Suitable for use with V-profile wheels or dual V-profile.

V-Slot Aluminium Profile from Alusic - aluminium extrusion

V-Slot aluminium profiles are often used to build CNC equipment, machine frames, and prototype equipment.  The v-slot aluminium profiles are for smaller CNC applications where the v-slot is used as the track for V profile wheels.  This provides a low cost, low tech, alternative to more robust, and more costly, linear guide systems.

30x60 Aluminium T slot extrusion

The 30 Series profiles are available in 6m lengths of the following sizes.

We stock these profiles along with the fittings and accessories required for your project.  Visit our online store to see how we can help you get your project completed.

This series of extruded aluminium profile is part of the slot 8 series (ie: has the 8mm wide slot) that is compatible with all the other Profilium parts and accessories in the slot 8 range of profiles.  It can be used in an enormous range of projects.  A few examples are: CNC machines, linear slides, machine guards, 3D printer frames, work benches.  The list goes on.  
084 107 002 Profile 30 x 30 – 8 mm slot $ 95 per 6 m length
084 107 003 Profile 30 x 60 – 8 mm slot $169 per 6 m length
084 107 004 Profile 60 x 60 – 8 mm slot $291per 6 m length

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Remember, we can cut your profile to the lengths you need for your project.  If any drilling and/or tapping is needed in your profile we can do that for you too, if you choose.

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