Alusic Clamping Plate

What are fixing plates?

While the standard method of connecting our Aluminium T slot extrusions is cost effective and strong there are often situations where you require a different solution.

Aluminium extrusion accessories

084 308 003 Alusic fixing plate for T slot Aluminium extrusion


A fixing plate is an accessory that attaches to the end of the extrusion in one direction and into the T slot in the other direction.  Fixing plate joints require only a hex key to assemble or dismantle.

Our fixing plates can be easily relocated making them a smart choice for applications such as prototyping.

This is also very useful for applications such as trade show display equipment manufacturing where the equipment needs to be dismantled for transportation.

Fixing plates are available for connecting our 40 and 45 series of Aluminium T slot extrusions

Fixing plates are useful where;

  • The components will need to be removed or relocated
  • There is an existing component obstructing the use of a standard connection.
  • additional equipment is being added to an existing structure

We have plenty of these in stock as well as a comprehensive range of alternative connectors.  Call us on 07 3823 1079 or .


Alusic accessories clamping plate

Fixing plate connection


Relocating a T slot extrusion member

Simple and fast relocation


T slot extrusion clamping plate

Fixing plate connection

Clamping plate accessories for Aluminium T slot extrusion

Fixing Plate – 40×40 Aluminium

So, using fixing plates is a fast, convenient method of connecting extruded t-slot profiles in a way that would allow the joint to be easily relocated as and when necessary.