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Automated Vacuum Lifter

What is an Automated Vacuum Lifter?

You are looking for means to feed your laser, plasma machines or punching press? We have a simple and cost efficient solution for you. With a load capacity of 150 DaN and a total independence from staff, day and night, our self-operating vacuum stacker system guarantees you a significant increase in your productivity. Transfer, raising and lowering movements are executed by actuators and slide bearings of excellent quality, ensuring persistence and a simplified and reduced maintenance. Vacuum handling guarantees the integrity of the object, leaving no marks at all. A sheet per sheet handling is possible by means of a specific vacuum beam adapted to suit their respective size.

• Cost effective Solution
• Productivity Increase
• No Marks on the object
• Safe Handling

Our team of experienced and highly skilled engineers and technicians are at your disposal for all your requests in order to find the most appropriate handling solution for your project.

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