Giant modulift

Giant Modulift Vacuum Lifter

What is a Giant Modulift Vacuum Lifter?

Acimex designs and fabricates vacuum beams of exceptional dimensions that may be perfectly integrated into the steel industry working process. These vacuum beams ensure sheet gripping out of a rolling mill or oven, where temperatures reach more than 250°C. At the curing exit, shock absorbers compensate wave deformations of 200 to 400 mm caused by thermal shock. Polyamide filtration, stainless connexions and electromagnetic valves as well as vacuum pumps with air ballast ensure firm sheet gripping even in the presence of water.


Our vacuum beams are designed to ensure long-time and safe handling in any work conditions such as airborne dust, humidity, high, low or differences in temperature etc. Our components and
assemblies are approved by our customers for their reliability and robustness. In order to grip plates in water, our engineers suggest acknowledged solutions for the separation of water and the air necessary for the vacuum process.


  • Maximum load capacity: 8000 kg
  • Length: 9000mm
  • Separate selection of suction cups by radio control
  • System adapted for stainless steel plates of 12 000 mm x 3500 mm


The telescopic versions and the ability to select the groups of suction cups by electromagnetic valves allow the gripping of multiple formats up to more than 36 meters length. Our range of suction cups equipped with internal and external gaskets allows full-failsafe gripping even in case of external profile deterioration. We design interfaces and interconnections adapted to all types of overhead cranes. For more than 40 years, customers from all over the world have put their trust in Acimex – because we listen and take care of their requests for XXL sized vacuum systems.

• Safe handling of heavy objects
• Focused customer service
• Simplified maintenance due to our standard and interchangeable components and assemblies

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