Modulift Vacuum Lifter

What is a Modulift Vacuum Lifter?

With 40 years of experience, ACIMEX is a vacuum handling devices specialist. Its unique expertise related to the skill of our designers, the qualification of our welders and the expertise of our assembly line staff. The chemistry between technical control and group mind made ACIMEX a strong, recognized and sustainable company.

Our components, reliable, robust and easy maintenance result from an experience gained in the field and improved over the years. Our solenoid valves, our e-cards are some examples. Our range of vacuum handling pads is one of the largest in the market (diameter 65mm to 930mm, rectangular from 20×600 to 1400×1400 mm), it can meet all demands of our customers. Innovative and cutting edge in its field, ACIMEX guarantees you to get the bests products on the market with a high-efficient service.


Range M (Single Suction Pad):

  • Light weight and economic vacuum lifters
  • Maximum load capacity: 2000 kg
  • Plate size: from 1000×2000 mm to 2000 x 4000 mm
  • Independent vacuum lifter: 200 lift/release or 400V/200V – 48V/24V
  • Our range of single suction pad is available for rent
  • Outdoor use possible


Our products have been designed to accomodate a large range of surfaces, treated or not. ACIMEX’s suction pads are designed to satisfy the requirements of your industry. We can guarantee the safe use of our vacuum lifters.

• No marking
• Preservation the integrity of the product (aluminium, steel, etc.)
• Our lifters increase your operator’s productivity and autonomy

MODULIFT® is a complete range of vacuum handling devices with a proven reliability and easy to use destined to handle flat and sealed products. Suitable for lifting loads from 0,5 to 6T, and sizes up to 6000×2500 mm, our vacuum lifters are designed for easy handling built for long-term use.

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