Starlift 1000

What is the Starlift 1000?

  • A vacuum lifter which conforms to  U.E standard “CE” and American standard “ASME”
  • Designed to resist big constraints linked to handling tubing on dockyard
  • Guaranteed hold with stopped motor : 20 min
  • Designed to work in the utmost conditions: from -25°C to 55°C ; humidity rate of 90%
  • Maximum security: audible and visual alarms on machines
  • Wide range of suction cups: diameter from 6” to 120”; average recovery from 4” to 8”; length of 6, 12 or 18 m
  • Adaptable to several ways of lifting: Gantry cranes, forklift trucks and Excavators
  • Rotation: 360°
  • Engine reliability: diesel engine “HATZ” with low consumption (1,5 L / hour)


  • Self-powered suspended from a forklift excavator or gantry
  • Attached to an excavator or a truck mounted crane utilizing an external power source to reduce suspended mass
  • Suspended from an overhead Crane or Gantry utilizing electrical power


  • Increased safety and productivity. Elimination of dangerous rigging requiring manual access to the back of loaded trucks
  • Easily adaption without modification of the excavator
  • Evenly distributed load on pipe
  • Rigging completely eliminated, quick prehension
  • Tubing can be stocked without dunnage,  reducing the volume of space required
  • Adaptable tubing handling in concrete or steel,  without tool variation
  • Elimination of rigging tools: hooks, tongs, sling, etc.
  • Versatile application  for various tubing diameters
  •  Adaptable to a huge number of excavators, forklift trucks or truck mounted cranes

Technical Sheet

  • Lifting capacity: 12 T
  • Gross weight: 1090 kg with electric motor
  • Way of lifting: shovel (capacity: 25/35 T)
  • External dimensions: 2 800 x 660 mm
  • Arrow/suction cup height: 1 975 mm
  • Rotation: 360°
  • Speed of rotation: 2 rotations/min maximum
  • Temperature range: from -10° to 55°
  • Time of hold: 1 second
  • Tank capacity: 265 L
  • Final vacuum: 95%
  • Pump’s flow: 63 or 100  m3/h
  • Energy: DIESEL (with petrol option)
  • Motorization: four-stroke diesel engine cooled by single-cylinder air, “HATZ” made (2motorizations possible)
  • Consumption: 1.5 L/hour optimal
  • Fuel capacity: 10 L
  • Starting: electric
  • Commands: by a Jay radio control
  • Control panel in cabin (optional): radio link – back on lights

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