Convention Display Booth

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  • Professionally Designed Display Booth

  • Solid And Reliable Frames

  • Made From Aluminium Extrusions

  • Simple Setup And Take-down

  • Ordered To Size And Task

  • Easy to transport

  • Modular Frames

  • Convenient Wiring Options

  • Versatile T-Slot Profiles

  • Priced On Application

Should you need a display booth for an exhibition or trade show Gap Engineering has a variety of selections to create. The Aluminum Frames are simple to assemble using their T-slot joins only needing basic tools such as Allen keys and can be setup and taken down in under 30min. The flexible design means it can be used for all display types ranging from 3x3m linear booths to large 6x6m Island exhibits.

The T-Slot profile give you a variety of wiring options to bring the power into your booth should you need lights or a power socket to run computers and LED Display panels. The slots able to safely hide and store away inconvenient power cables which could become trip hazards leading to tidy and organized displays. The display counter can be sized, shaped, fitted and cut to whatever you desire allowing you the full flexibility in how you want to present your booth.

Large Display Booth Isometric angle

Display booths are made to order so call up or email to get a quote on your design, depending on complexity and parts required the Displays can be ready from 1 day to 2 weeks. The Displays are made with transport and shipping in mind allowing it to be used and moved as required.

These Display Booths are made from 8 mm slot and compatible with all the other Profilium parts and accessories in the 8 mm slot range.

If you require any parts or modification don’t hesitate to ask.

Go to our Profilium Gallery to see the materials used and for more information and resources.