Cable Handling Equipment

Remote Controlled Cable Trailer

The GAP remote control cable trailer is designed to load and un-reel fibre optic and electrical cable safely and efficiently.

We offer the following advantages:

  • Safety – By operating the system with a variable speed remote control we have eliminated a number of critical safety concerns usually associated with cable trailers
  • Productivity – We have designed the loading procedure specifically for the conditions experienced in the field .No hand tools are required for coupling and uncoupling the drum of cable. The chain linked coupling system allows for a generous degree of misalignment between the trailer and the cable drum during the uploading procedure
  • Cost saving – The variable speed drive for the drum rotation allows precise control of the cable at all times greatly reducing the risk of damage to the cable ,Cable can also be rewound back onto the drum when required simply by changing the direction of rotation

Specifications and features:

  • Maximum drum mass – 3000Kg
  • Maximum drum width – 1.5m
  • Maximum drum diameter – 2.2m
  • Cable speed from 0 to 83m/min infinitely variable forward and reverse
  • Power source – Diesel motor (silent pack option available for residential area operations)
  • Brakes – 12v electric or airbrake options available
  • Minimum tow hitch height – 730mm
  • Hydraulically actuated drive arm with constant traction pressure to accommodate deviations in drum shape
  • Custom made attachments such as guides and rollers available on request

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