How to create a strong join in Aluminium T slot extrusion

We understand that you need to save time and money. So we would like to show you the most cost effective way to connect Aluminium T slot extruded profile. 

Aluminium T Slot extrusion joint

This is the standard connection for  Alusic Aluminium profile.and it is surprisingly easy to do. In less than 60 seconds anyone can create a strong join in Aluminium T Slot Extrusion costing less than $0.50. Without any complicated machining involved .You can do this on site and there is no hot work or welding required.  

Follow this step by step guide to learn how.

(Ensure that you follow all safety guidelines when operating machinery and using tools.)  

Drop saw for cutting T Slot aluminium profile extrusions

Cut your profile to length.

It is important to do a clean accurate cut because this will impact the quality of your join. Use a good quality drop saw with the correct type of blade for cutting aluminium and use a cutting fluid . Make sure that your work piece is securely clamped . To save you time we are able to cut your aluminium for you .Simply provide us with a cut list. 

T slot Aluminium extrusion drill and tap

Tap the core hole on the one end.

This is a very simple and quick process as the core is perfectly formed to the correct size for tapping.Use an M8 tap for 8mm slot and an M6 for 6mm slot profiles. Using an extrusion tap and the correct cutting paste will ensure a perfect thread will be formed.

Alusic T Slot Aluminium drill jig

Drill an access hole for your allen key.

Use a drill guide or a drill press to ensure accurate positioning of this hole. The drill guide is really useful for when you need to drill a hole on site but we generally use a drill press to do all of our drilling.  

T slot aluminium cap screw and washer for junction

Fit a low profile cap screw and square washer to the threaded hole you created earlier.

Al of these parts are available for you to purchase on line  At our online store.

Aluminium profile parts and accessories  for a secure connection.

Slide the washer and cap screw head into the slot.

Alusic T Slot Aluminium Profile joining system

Using the access hole you drilled earlier tighten the cap screw with an allen key

Make sure that the two sections of T Slot are perfectly aligned as you tighten up the join.

You have now created a strong T Slot extrusion connection.

There are several alternative methods of connecting Alusic T slot aluminium profiles which are useful under different circumstances .If you would like more information please check out our blog . to find out about clamping plates , through body joints and pawl clamps. You can also view these informative videos showing some of the more common connection systems  

You can also find lots of useful accessories to help provide you with a large range of  options at our web store 

Accessories for extruded T slot Aluminium Profile

To help you get the most out of using Alusic T Slot Aluminium extrusions and accessories we have made all the resources we could find available on our website for you to download


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