How to get the most out of your profile.

When you are spending your time and money on a project you need to be sure that you are getting the most out of your resources.

T Slot Aluminium framework

Unintentional wastage can end up costing you a lot and you need to plan carefully to avoid blowing your budget.

aluminium profile extrusions

The last thing you want to see at the end of a job is a big pile of costly material that some how wasn’t quiet long enough to be useful but ended up being a lot of material none the less.

How to get the most out of your profile. - aluminium extrusion

Profilium T slot Aluminium profile extrusions

When you have a large cutting list and the profile you are cutting comes in 6 meter lengths it can become very complicated to work out how to minimise your off cuts.

Fortunately there are a number of free and open source resources available  such as this   Cut list optimiser   which are suitable for bars of material.

most of them will allow you to print a copy of your cut list or you can download this  Cutting list form  to help you make a list of the cuts that you need to do.

machining T slot aluminium profile

T Slot saw

Our bars come in 6040mm lengths to make allowance for width of the saw blade when cutting .Remember to include the saw blade thickness on the optimiser when doing the set up.Most saw blades are  3 mm thick so you can make up to 13 cuts and still have a full 6 m of usable material

Don’t forget that once you have a cut list you can send it to us and we can cut it accurately for you and deliver it to you .In fact cutting the profile before delivery dramatically reduces the freight cost .We can also drill and tap the profiles for you if you require.

For more information on how to join our profiles please see these resources

aluminium profile standard connection

How to create a strong join in Aluminium T Slot extrusion

T Slot Aluminium Extrusions and accessories

GAP Engineering T Slot Aluminium Extrusions and accessories


Conveyor systems

T Slot Aluminium Profile conveyor systems Conveyor systems - aluminium extrusion

Conveyor systems - aluminium extrusion



Conveyor systems - aluminium extrusion

When you require a conveyor system you need to consider a lot more than just the conveyor system itself.

These are some of the factors you may need to take into consideration

  • How you are going to integrate a conveyor system into your current infrastructure
  • How can ensure that it is safe to operate
  • How can you minimise disruption to your production while it is installed.
  • How easily can you make modifications to it.



Our extensive range of T slot extrusions and Accessories will help you to overcome these and many other challenges.

Because our products are so versatile and adaptable you will be able to design and construct your conveyor system and any associated equipment such as work stations or guarding out of the same easily integrated components

We can supply you with the CAD files you need to help you design your conveyor system or if you don’t have the design capability we can design a system for you.

We can supply the components you need and assist you in getting your system constructed in the best methods.

The Alusic range of conveyor belts is divided into eight broad groups:

– Series 20: belt conveyor with 20 mm roller for 18.5 mm profiles
– Series 30: belt conveyor with 30 mm roller for 356.001.028 and 356.001.032 profiles
– Series 1000: belt conveyor with 50 mm rubberised roller for 356.001.032 profile
– Series 50: belt conveyor with 50 mm roller for 45 mm profiles
– Series 95: belt conveyor with 95 mm roller for 90 mm profiles
– Series 2000: tab chain conveyor, fixed width of 82.5 – 114.3 – 190.5 – 254.0 – 304.8 mm
– Series 3000: modular chain conveyor, fixed width of 152 – 250 mm
– Pallet series: conveyor belt for 112.101.001 profile

with the series 50 and 95 being the most popular

T Slot Aluminium conveyor system

Inclined Conveyor

You can access resources such as CAD files , parts catalogues and guides on how to use these products here  Aluminium Profile Resources





45 series T slot Aluminium profile

40 x 40 Extruded aluminium T slot profile with threaded core

Alusic T Slot Aluminium Profile

The Alusic 45 Series Extruded Aluminium T Slot Series.

This series of profile is our most versatile range with 48 different profiles ranging in size from 18 mm to 180 mm .With the large number of options available  they are suitable for the food  and packaging industries as well as many other industries.They also provide excellent strength and rigidity for applications that require a higher load bearing capacity.

This profile has a proven track record of providing excellent value for money in industrial applications and providing our customers with reliable solutions. We wont have enough space here to tell all of the different applications we have seen and we are fairly confident that there are many more that we haven’t thought of yet.

18.5 x 32 Aluminium T slot extruded profile

084 101 003

90 x 180 T slot extruded aluminium profile

084 101 026

There are a number of different construction methods for building with T slot extrusions

These profiles are connected with M 8 screws , nuts are available in M 4 ,M 5, M 6, and M 8 options for fixing to the extrusions.

If you want to find out  How to create a strong join in Aluminium T slot extrusions click on the link.

Massive Range of Accessories

We have many accessories such as fixing plates,articulated joints,linear joints and corner brackets which can be purchased at our On Line Store

Profilium T Track Extrude Profiles and Accessories

T Slot Profile and Accessories

Extruded T slot aluminium profiles and accessories

Extruded T slot aluminium profiles and accessories

Alusic Aluminium Profile Accessories

Massive Range of Accessories in Stock

See for yourself how it works

If you would like to see you these products can help you achieve your project goals and learn how to use them feel free to visit Our Workshop during working hours.

We will also be showcasing our products at The 2019 AUSPACK Packaging and Processing expo so if you are in Melbourne in March 2019  feel free to come and say hello.

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The 45 Series profiles are suitable for the following types of projects

  • Conveyor systems
  • Machine guarding
  • CNC Machines
  • Machine frames
  • Custom made work benches
  • Custom made work trolleys
  • Clean rooms
  • Trade show display stands
  • Robotic prototyping
  • Table saw guides
  • Automated fabric cutters
  • CNC route beds
45 series T slot Aluminium Extrusion

084 101 012 – 45 x 45 regular T Slot Aluminium Extrusion

18.5 x 180 extruded aluminium profile

084 101 007 – 18.5 x 180 T Slot Aluminium Extrusion

45 x 45 slim T Slot Extruded Profile

084 101 042 Slim 45 x 45 Profile

45 series T slot Aluminium profile - aluminium extrusion